Life is Live

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I’ve been investing in Live-Streaming equipment in the last year or so. That seems to have paid off as Covid19 has caused many business to cancel their in person presentations, conferences, and product launches. I now have two full sized cameras that can stream independently to the internet via Wifi or Ethernet, and I also have a multi camera streaming setup for up to 4 video sources.

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By George!

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Here’s one of a series of videos I filmed at the Methven UK HQ recently.

I also made several short videos specifically for social media sharing like this:


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Here’s something I made a while back which has recently shown up on the client’s Vimeo channel:

It was the first time that NGN had been asked to certify a GoPro for gas safety. Basically I put the GoPro in a waterproof housing and they approved for use on-site where gas is present. I was able to use the camera on a long pole at the bottom of the holes made using the new drilling technology. The GoPro gave a new angle to previous unseen places, and NGN have continued to use GoPro cameras on their shoots. I made this with my old mate Howard who’s now sadly no longer with us.









High Street TV

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A new client is High Street TV, based not far from me in Harrogate. They broadcast four channels on the Sky TV platforms. In the Sink Skin Commercial I shot replacement footage of in-sink, low levels shots using the Sony a6000 which got very wet!. For the Pressure King Pro I filmed the 1st, 3rd and 4th and 6th testimonials. And more recently I filmed most of the testimonials and cookery for the Quadrapan.


Noise Pen

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This is the third corporate video I’ve produced for Whitby-based Pulsar Instruments. This new product needed a slightly different approach from previous videos, so I wrote the script and used my iPad teleprompter system to relay it to the presenter.

Toolbank 2015

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Another year, another record breaking Toolbank ‘Real Deals for You’ campaign: The Christmas Collection.

Toolbank15_7 Toolbank15_8

This year’s design included present boxes wrapped in shiny foil, which I built as 3D models in Cinema 4D.


Then creating various coloured versions as looping quicktime files, converting them into particle effects in Motion and making them fly towards camera. Also I built custom box transitions in Motion with full rigging into Final Cut Pro X. This meant I could change the direction and colour of the box wipe transition using just a simple pull down inside FCPX.


After three days of workshop filming back in April, I started putting the main campaign video together, which at over 30 minutes long is versioned in two currencies – Sterling and Euros.

We also filmed over 60 Social Media product demos which are presented ‘to camera’ by Andy or Nigel from Toolbank. These get embedding in the product pages on the Real Deals website


Then, in August I filmed the TV commercial at Prime Studios in Leeds. This time filmed as a chromakey.


Using my new JVC LS300 I fed an SDI picture to my 23 inch location monitor, and also streamed a Wi-Fi video feed to a laptop for timecode logging. Our great pal Vic McCullagh was on hand to light the set and provide his unique perspective on proceedings.


Love that guy!

Toolbank’s Legs 11

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Another year, another Toolbank campaign, and I’ve just uploaded this year’s introduction video:

The full loop video shown in stores this year is 25 minutes long with 9 fully featured products, as well as 72 additional products and prices. All of this produced in two currencies as usual:

Year on year the campaign has grown to include more and more products, most recently gaining a significant social media presence as well. To help with this I’ve been tasked with making social media video for almost every product in the campaign in both Sterling and Euros currencies. Due to stock availability and time constraints I film most, but not all of the footage, however I do edit it all adding the campaign graphics that I build each year. In total I’ve uploaded 155 Toolbank videos to YouTube this year!

This year the creative agency ‘Shine’ designed a cloche and dinner table setting style. So I decided the only way I could bring it life with a transitioning animation was to have the cloche lift, revealing the brand logo which then transitions to the video.  My wife kindly provided the butlers arm which I shot against my Chromakey screen. Thanks Chuck!

TB2014 Choche Composite

Cloche CC

Make some noise!

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Again Pulsar Instruments asked me to their Filey HQ to film their latest industry leading product.

Although it’s a long drive out there, the scenery is really great and it’s nice to get to the seaside once in a while, even if the seagulls noise sometimes stops the filming.

After an initial meeting to discuss the brief, the filming went without a hitch. The edit brought the whole project together and the archive sequence at the beginning helped to set the overall tone.

Lend Me Your Ears

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Caisley Eartags asked me to produce a video for the upcoming changes to Aberdeen Angus livestock eartagging and DNA sampling regulations. We used three different calves for the filming as we weren’t sure how they’d react to the tagging and the people standing around them. I made a widescreen and 4:3 version for use in a photo frame at exhibitions.





A finger on the pulse

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Pulsar Instruments plc have been manufacturing noise measurement equipment for 45 years. They asked me to produce a brief product demo video, which would be presented by the Managing Director of the company. The product is the new Nova range, a unique modular system which uses an OLED screen.
I hired a product turntable and travelled to their HQ in Filey on the Yorkshire coast for the shoot.

The client hired a small theatre next to their offices, and when filming on the stage with the main tabs (curtains) closed it acted as a decent studio for filming. I helped coach Sarah through her presentation and offered advice on the script as we went along.

Back in the edit suite I made an animation of the Pulsar logo and cut the video. I added a few finishing touches like luma-keying the black background to pure black, and including a music track. Here you go: