You’re Fired!

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Apprenticeships are a key part of the employment market and Inland Homes wanted to show their strong commitment to the future of the construction sector. I visited one of their current developments, as well as their Beaconsfield HQ to make this video:

Living the life

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Britannia Living needed videos for their social media channels to promote their installation service. Filmed in Kentish Town, London.

This video shows the installation process:

They also promote a ‘try before you buy’ service where you can rent the property and try the oven for yourself:

Soon afterwards they starting releasing the many food specific videos that I made, but there’s too many to show here…

Faith Through a Lens 2016

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I’ve just completed the editing for this year’s Faith Through a Lens Award. As usual I filmed and edited two VTs which are shown to the audience at the live event which I filmed with Tom. This is likely to be the last year that the awards are hosted by the BBC as the Religion Dept. is moving to Scotland.

Smile like you mean it!

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Wharf Media asked me to shoot a series of testimonial commercials for their client – EvoDental. We overnighted in Heathrow so we could start shooting first thing at their clinic nearby.

The finished commercials came out really well…

Faith through my lens

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FTAL2015 winner

This is my 4th year producing the videos for this ever-growing awards ceremony. I filmed the judging at BBC Broadcasting House in London in October. And again in November, when Tom joined me for the ceremony.

As usual, I edited two short video that were played at the ceremony, and then I made the final film encompassing the entire 2015 awards process.


Stunning Stats

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World travel 15_1World travel 15_2

Day One of the World Travel Market 2015 exhibition in London.


Every day this week I am producing a video showing the social media impact of this massive conference.
I re-version the edit with different numbers and quotes, then encode an mp4 for final upload.



Weedfree Winners

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Weedfree2Weedfree1Weedfree4Weedfree5After winning the Sustainable Innovation in Export Award at the Golden Bridge event, Weedfree asked us to produce a couple of films for them. The first was a video press release for social media showcasing their latest award. And secondly they take all their staff to Tenerife for a short break and wanted to show a film to inform and encourage the team in the year ahead.

We visited the Weedfree headquarters in Yorkshire to interview the bosses, as well as shoot a few additional setups near train tracks and on quad vehicles. Once back at base I rebuilt their logo in 3D to create an animated opening. Editing was pretty straightforward thanks to Final Cut X and here are the results:

Trafalgar Triumphs

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GoldenBridge2013_2I’m in London again with Howard from Red Lobster filming the ceremony for the 2013 Golden Bridge Awards. This year we we’re asked to film the event for both the British Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and the Belgian-Luxemborg Chamber of  Commerce.

This meant visiting London and Brussels to film presentations of the shortlisted companies, making two films to show at the event for the assembled dignitaries.


After filming the event on the FS100 I edited a video for each chamber, which showcased the presentations and awards from their parts of the evening. The first two thirds of the videos below are close to what was shown at the event before the awards were given.

Keep the Faith

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The Faith Through A Lens photography competition has been running since 2010. I was approached by Congregational and General Insurance in 2011 to film the award ceremony in Bradford. The next year the awards moved to London and another video production company was used,  but I was delighted to be asked to film this years event again.


This time I was able to film the judging panel who met at Microsoft HQ a month before the ceremony. I made a short film on the history of the event as well as interviews with the esteemed panel of judges. This short was shown at the ceremony to give the people attending a feel for the event and explain the thought processes behind the judging.


I filmed the event with three cameras. A GoPro suspended in the ceiling, my FS100 and an EX1 operated by BobMcGowan. I’d worked with Bob a few times in Liverpool filming at the Essar Oil Refinery and it was great to do so again. Then after the event I produced this finished film:

Park It Mister!

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Stress Free

The lovely folks at Stress Free Parking asked me for a quick turn around video to demonstrate the new valet parking at their Luton Airport facility. After agreeing an initial filming outline, I arrived on the Friday – one of the hottest days of the year and the shoot went better than planned.

Once I’d made a rough cut the clients provided graphics in the style of their newest website branding.
By Monday lunchtime the video was signed off and uploaded to YouTube. Super Fast!