Unblock against the clock

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Yorkshire Water are raising awareness of the problems caused by throwing unsuitable things down the toilet. They created a roadshow event similar to an escape room, where teams have to find clues in the fastest time possible in order to escape out the drain at the bottom of the house. It’s hard to explain. Ha. You’d better watch the video:

Although I mostly filmed handheld due to the tight spaces and hazards on the floor, I persuaded a few members of the public to wear a body or head mounted GoPro. These shots helped provide a bit of variety to the final video.


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Here’s something I made a while back which has recently shown up on the client’s Vimeo channel:

It was the first time that NGN had been asked to certify a GoPro for gas safety. Basically I put the GoPro in a waterproof housing and they approved for use on-site where gas is present. I was able to use the camera on a long pole at the bottom of the holes made using the new drilling technology. The GoPro gave a new angle to previous unseen places, and NGN have continued to use GoPro cameras on their shoots. I made this with my old mate Howard who’s now sadly no longer with us.









100% (water) Proof

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Building Preservation experts Brick-Tie asked me to help create content for their industry leading blog.
Filmed over two days this video shows one aspect of the clever reparation work that they can do so save a building from potential collapse.

I filmed Bryan’s PTCs on my faithful EX1, the time-lapses were filmed on my waterproof site cameras, and I used a GoPro in a waterproof housing for the working shots, the more unusual angles, and walk arounds.

BrickTie_3 BrickTie_2

You gotta have faith

congregational1Congregational and General Insurance asked me to film the Faith Through a Lens 2011 awards ceremony. I visited the venue earlier in the year for a recce with the media team from CGI, so we knew what to expect. I provided lighting in the venue, as well as suggesting the layout of the room and the best way to ‘stage’ the awards.

Internationally renowed photojournalist, Don McCullin attended the ceremony to meet the photograhers, and gave us an interview at the end of the evening.