Tour de Trinity

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You can't really miss it can you! 👀Great to see you are all loving our giant rooftop bike in celebration of Tour de Yorkshire! Don't forget to snap your selfie's with #TrinityTDY to win a £100 #TrinityLeeds Voucher! Welcome to Yorkshire 🚴‍♂️ 🚴‍♀️What would we do without those window cleaners…

Posted by Trinity Leeds on Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Another fun job for UMPF at the Trinity Shopping Centre, involving days of time-lapse and ground based filming too. I was looking for an excuse to use this music track, as it’s such high energy and fun to edit with. And I thought the bike sound at the end would a nice touch.

I built the time-lapse rig using the trusty Sony a6000, powered from a huge V-Lock battery via D-Tap to USB adaptor and a USB to dummy battery cable. It ran for about four days, taking a still every 15 seconds via the trigger from my motion time-lapse slider.

The poor weather meant that the initial 2 days job over ran by four days, so the camera didn’t capture the entire install, but you don’t really notice in the end.

Aerial flying was performed by the team at HexiHeli, and the footage end up being used on the BBC and ITV as part of their wider TDY18 coverage.