White Rose accessibility

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I had the pleasure of working with Hannah Cockrock MBE in her new role as Accessibility Ambassador at the White Rose shopping centre. She’s the current T34 Paralypic world record holder and winner of seven gold medals for Great Britain.

White Rose requested a scripted video showcasing the ease of access around their site and in the stores, as well as VoxPops from the service users and the public.

Hannah has presented many times on live and prerecorded TV, so she was really easy to work with and nothing was too much trouble.

I shot the whole thing in a day, with a few interviews and VoxPops that didn’t make it into my final edit. Mostly filmed on the LS300 with some gimbal mounted G80, and I mounted a GoPro onto her chair for the moving shots.

No Horses Spared

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I was asked to film timelapse of the Nightingale Harrogate hospital being fitted out, an impressive build with a huge team of people working around the clock . I installed four cameras in the roof spaces, and also used a tripod based camera when I was on site myself.

The footage ended being used by dozens of websites as well as ITV and the BBC, both local and national:

Unblock against the clock

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Yorkshire Water are raising awareness of the problems caused by throwing unsuitable things down the toilet. They created a roadshow event similar to an escape room, where teams have to find clues in the fastest time possible in order to escape out the drain at the bottom of the house. It’s hard to explain. Ha. You’d better watch the video:

Although I mostly filmed handheld due to the tight spaces and hazards on the floor, I persuaded a few members of the public to wear a body or head mounted GoPro. These shots helped provide a bit of variety to the final video.

Unholy Trinity!

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My client – UMPF, asked me to film their PhotoBoo event this weekend at the Trinity Leeds Shopping Centre.

On the Saturday I installed a GoPro and Radio Mic inside the booth while also filming from outside. Then on Sunday I edited the video which went live in time for Halloween on Tuesday:

Apart from this 60 second version there’s also a full 2m 30s second edit:

Faith Through a Lens 2016

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I’ve just completed the editing for this year’s Faith Through a Lens Award. As usual I filmed and edited two VTs which are shown to the audience at the live event which I filmed with Tom. This is likely to be the last year that the awards are hosted by the BBC as the Religion Dept. is moving to Scotland.


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Here’s something I made a while back which has recently shown up on the client’s Vimeo channel:

It was the first time that NGN had been asked to certify a GoPro for gas safety. Basically I put the GoPro in a waterproof housing and they approved for use on-site where gas is present. I was able to use the camera on a long pole at the bottom of the holes made using the new drilling technology. The GoPro gave a new angle to previous unseen places, and NGN have continued to use GoPro cameras on their shoots. I made this with my old mate Howard who’s now sadly no longer with us.









Hold(er) on to your Hard Hats!

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Rigging Timelapse

A long term project for Northern Gas Networks has finally been published online.

Commemorating our gas holders from Northern Gas Networks on Vimeo.

Over 18 months of production and over a dozen site visits, resulted in the finished 15 minute film.
The response has been amazing. Thanks to everyone involved!


100% (water) Proof

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Building Preservation experts Brick-Tie asked me to help create content for their industry leading blog.
Filmed over two days this video shows one aspect of the clever reparation work that they can do so save a building from potential collapse.

I filmed Bryan’s PTCs on my faithful EX1, the time-lapses were filmed on my waterproof site cameras, and I used a GoPro in a waterproof housing for the working shots, the more unusual angles, and walk arounds.

BrickTie_3 BrickTie_2

Keep the Faith

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The Faith Through A Lens photography competition has been running since 2010. I was approached by Congregational and General Insurance in 2011 to film the award ceremony in Bradford. The next year the awards moved to London and another video production company was used,  but I was delighted to be asked to film this years event again.


This time I was able to film the judging panel who met at Microsoft HQ a month before the ceremony. I made a short film on the history of the event as well as interviews with the esteemed panel of judges. This short was shown at the ceremony to give the people attending a feel for the event and explain the thought processes behind the judging.


I filmed the event with three cameras. A GoPro suspended in the ceiling, my FS100 and an EX1 operated by BobMcGowan. I’d worked with Bob a few times in Liverpool filming at the Essar Oil Refinery and it was great to do so again. Then after the event I produced this finished film:

Cutting-edge Cutting

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‘Going on the Road’ had a whole new meaning this week. Our regular client Northern Gas Networks asked us to make a video to help explain new technology used for detecting and repairing gas leaks. Over three days and three sites I found myself in the middle of busy roads, in mud, rain and sunshine.

We didn’t have much of a brief to start with and everyone was finding their feet. Balfour Beatty has been using video cameras in water leak detention for some time, but gas detection need a different approach to find the leak as well as more stringent safety systems. Together with Scotia Gas’ innovative cutting systems the idea is to trace leaks at a distance down a gas main, then drill a 60cm core down to the main and fix the leak.

Of three cores drilled, all three worked perfectly (luckily) and the crews were able to be off the site in 6 hours or less as opposed to the usual 3 days when digging much larger holes.

Core&Vac_4I shot the interviews and GV’s on my trusty EX1 which offers great control in these testing environments. But the biggest surprise to the client was the pole I waved around while filming with a camera on it… They didn’t know what to expect until they saw a first draft edit and were amazed by the footage I had got with this little camera. It was the GoPro of course, which let me get footage from every imaginable angle and matched the look of the EX1 really well. I rigged the GoPro of vehicles, strapped it to barriers for timelapse and used it a lot on a monopole.

Core&Vac_6 Core&Vac_5 Core&Vac_3 Core&Vac_2










Another practical aspect of using a GoPro is that it doesn’t get in the operators way and I could put it right down the holes when I wanted. Also I wasn’t concerned about the camera getting damaged or wet as it was in it’s 60m waterproof housing which is really tough and has a scratch proof glass front element.