Xmas Xscape

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Xscape Yorkshire asked us to produce their Christmas events videos this year, which included the Santa’s Parade walk and a visit to Santa’s Cabin. Tom filmed the parade using his Sony A7s which works brilliantly in very low light, and I filmed the Cabin using my Speedboosted super fast prime lenses at f1.2. I created the graphics in Motion and edited the videos in FCPX. Feeling festive yet?

Faith through my lens

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FTAL2015 winner

This is my 4th year producing the videos for this ever-growing awards ceremony. I filmed the judging at BBC Broadcasting House in London in October. And again in November, when Tom joined me for the ceremony.

As usual, I edited two short video that were played at the ceremony, and then I made the final film encompassing the entire 2015 awards process.


Life on the edge

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Recently I spent a day filming in Manchester and Sheffield for the US/UK video production company WebsEdge. Here’s the finished film:


Together with Tom on second camera we filmed at various Medical Labs and an interview in Manchester, as well as additional interviews in Sheffield. The Sony A7s matched very nicely with the JVC LS300. Both cameras filmed at 30fps for US distribution and the end results look great.