Vivid 350 – Virgin’s Speed Demon


I moved to Virgin fibre a few months ago, and the experience so far has been perfect.
Although BT Infinity only ever had a handful of outages, the price and upload speed were far from satisfactory. My contract had expired and as an Infinity customer for 6 years I’d hoped for a good deal from BT but the deal they offered was worse than for new customers… Bye BT! To make it worse we have two mobiles on their highest rate tariffs, and still no customer care, so we will be moving them to Virgin too!

I’ve tried many different routers and hubs over the years with BT and ended up buying my own hardware, but even then I’ve always had poor Wi-Fi around the house. Whereas the Virgin hub is available throughout the house with only a mild speed loss.

I signed up well before Vivid 350 was officially announced, and was getting approx 380Mbps download. I was expecting the speed would drop to 350Mbps after the official roll out, however the speed has held up throughout. Not that a few Mbps matter, not even a few hundred Mbps!

I bought the highest package because it’s totally unrestricted, unshaped and unlimited. And as I’m often uploading 50GBs worth of rushes at a time, it’s the only package that I could use anyway.

Here’s today’s speed test:



Today is the last day I have put up with this farcical facial hair. I think Elizabeth will appreciate it too, Daddy kisses are making her itch.
It’s a bit browny, ginger and grey in places. Oh crikey.

Anyway goodbye whiskers! for another year anyway…

X Marks the spot


fcpx_iconIt’s my birthday…
So I treated myself and bought Apple’s Final Cut Pro X.

There’s lots to learn here it seems, yet after a few hours I’m feel I’m getting comfortable with it. The first job is to convert my showreel, edited in Final Cut Pro 6 onto a X project. That’ll keep me busy for a few nights and help me get used to the enormous interface changes.

Easimat modular foam flooring

I’ve been looking for something simple to cover the floor of our garage. Carpet or paint seemed the only choices, until I found Easimat modular foam flooring on eBay. I made a little installation video (one handed) with the D5100.

P.S. I bought the flooring from here

Nikon D5100


Nikon’s latest DSLR offering has just arrived at my door.
The D5100 is the latest in a long line of camera offering video shooting capability, but this time with a wider range of frame sizes and frames rates. So I can now shoot 1080p25 to match footage from my main camera: the Sony EX1.

Now I’m not going to say a DSLR can match the EX1 in terms of handling, reliability and features, but they produce pictures with a shallow depth of field which when used in the right way can add value to parts of a production.

Elizabeth Rose Craig


After what seemed like almost nine months of waiting, a baby popped out of my wife. Amazing.

Events were being broadcast to the world via Facebook text and picture updates. The iPad music playlist reached ‘I want to break free – Queen’ just as she appeared… funny


She looks just like her Daddy eh?