No Horses Spared

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I was asked to film timelapse of the Nightingale Harrogate hospital being fitted out, an impressive build with a huge team of people working around the clock . I installed four cameras in the roof spaces, and also used a tripod based camera when I was on site myself.

The footage ended being used by dozens of websites as well as ITV and the BBC, both local and national:

Martin House – Strictly Get Dancing 2018

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For the second year, we were proud to film the Strictly Get Dancing event for the Martin House Hospice. We also created social media videos for the contestants to use on their fundraising pages, as well as many of the video and logo assets played back during the live show. As usual Duncan Wood from ITV Calendar compered the evening and a panel of judges chose the winners. I sent Duncan a stringout of suitable footage that was aired on ITV the following Monday.

Here’s the highlights, full event videos and the ITV news item… Enjoy!

Tour de Trinity

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Another fun job for UMPF at the Trinity Shopping Centre, involving days of time-lapse and ground based filming too. I was looking for an excuse to use this music track, as it’s such high energy and fun to edit with. And I thought the bike sound at the end would a nice touch.

I built the time-lapse rig using the trusty Sony a6000, powered from a huge V-Lock battery via D-Tap to USB adaptor and a USB to dummy battery cable. It ran for about four days, taking a still every 15 seconds via the trigger from my motion time-lapse slider.

The poor weather meant that the initial 2 days job over ran by four days, so the camera didn’t capture the entire install, but you don’t really notice in the end.

Aerial flying was performed by the team at HexiHeli, and the footage end up being used on the BBC and ITV as part of their wider TDY18 coverage.

Martin House 2017

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It’s been a busy few months.

I’ve been volunteering for Martin House and creating over 30 videos for several fundraising events.

Back in November Martin House had their yearly ‘Strictly get Dancing’ event in Wetherby, however prior to the big night I visited the rehearsal studios a few times to shoot fundraising videos for all the couples. Here’s an example featuring Nicole and Lee, who would go on to win the final event:

After the dance final I sent some trimmed rushes to ITV Calendar who ran this news item on the Monday following the event:

In December I created this little ditty with the help of the music team, staff, volunteers and children of Martin House:

I also suggested a fundraising ‘thank-you’ video which went live soon after:

All of these videos were filmed using my Teleprompter setup, so the people onscreen simply read the text off the iPad screen while looking down the lens.

Space Cadets

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After an overnight stay in the lovely Midland Hotel in central Manchester, we started out early Wednesday morning to the Trafford Centre. I was working with VisMedia to cover a local launch event for the Lynx Space Academy, where you can win the chance to travel into space. The event was being hosted by Kimberly Wyatt, former Pussycat Doll.

Kimberly was joined by four astronauts in brilliantly detail costumes, that were by all accounts incredibly hot inside. Even with the built in air conditioning the helmets were steaming up, and the guys had to take regular breaks.

2013-02-06 08.27.39

We filmed footage alongside a photographer, stopping filming when the flashes were going off. I shot in standard and slow motion, to achieve an outer space look.

2013-02-06 09.48.25

Yours truly, Kimberley and Lee from VisMedia. Aww.

Watching paint dry

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bodypaint1I spent the day at the Carnegie Stadium today filming England and Superleague rugby player – Ryan Hall. He patiently stood for three hours whilst having the most common injuries sustained by players like him, painted onto his body. The artistry was done by World Champion body painter Raphaelle Fieldhouse who travelled to Leeds all the way from South Wales. My clients from Umpf PR were in attendance as well as crews and journalists from ITV, SKY and the Sun.
You can see the edit I created for ITV used in this ITV Calendar news item:

Black Gold!!


essar2Today Essar Energy official took over running of the Stanlow refinery in Ellesmere Port near Liverpool. The £213million pound deal saw the Indian energy giant buy the facility from Shell. My client VisMedia sent me there over three days to document the changeover, as well as the official reopening and press launch. The massive site is the size of three hundred football pitches, and even though it has it’s own road and rail infrastructure it still took some time to get around.