Xmas Xscape

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Xscape Yorkshire asked us to produce their Christmas events videos this year, which included the Santa’s Parade walk and a visit to Santa’s Cabin. Tom filmed the parade using his Sony A7s which works brilliantly in very low light, and I filmed the Cabin using my Speedboosted super fast prime lenses at f1.2. I created the graphics in Motion and edited the videos in FCPX. Feeling festive yet?

Berkeley DeVeer

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Over the last two years I’ve created 12 promotional videos for Berkeley DeVeer – a high specification property developer based in Wetherby.

I’ve created the logo animations, maps, graphic transitions, tracking overlays, callouts and edited the videos. Typically each edit is a day and a half from start to finish. Everything is created in Motion and Final Cut Pro. Here’s a few examples:

Martin House 2017

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It’s been a busy few months.

I’ve been volunteering for Martin House and creating over 30 videos for several fundraising events.

Back in November Martin House had their yearly ‘Strictly get Dancing’ event in Wetherby, however prior to the big night I visited the rehearsal studios a few times to shoot fundraising videos for all the couples. Here’s an example featuring Nicole and Lee, who would go on to win the final event:

After the dance final I sent some trimmed rushes to ITV Calendar who ran this news item on the Monday following the event:

In December I created this little ditty with the help of the music team, staff, volunteers and children of Martin House:

I also suggested a fundraising ‘thank-you’ video which went live soon after:

All of these videos were filmed using my Teleprompter setup, so the people onscreen simply read the text off the iPad screen while looking down the lens.

Social Workers

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I filmed a series of interviews for the Children’s Social Work Matters website back in May 2015. While doing some work for them recently I spotted that the videos have been made public.


This was one of the first times I filmed in Log using the JVC LS300 which gives the HDR (high dynamic range) low contrast look that these videos have.

A Kind of Magic

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Tom and myself recently filmed a pair of performances of ‘The Magic Paintbrush’ performed by schools in West Yorkshire. Professional performers and a small orchestra were joined by children from different schools in the regions.

We filmed on three cameras and then I edited the performances for upload to YouTube.

Noise Pen

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This is the third corporate video I’ve produced for Whitby-based Pulsar Instruments. This new product needed a slightly different approach from previous videos, so I wrote the script and used my iPad teleprompter system to relay it to the presenter.

Local Leeds Launch

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I’ve been involved with the MadeinLeeds team since well before the Leeds franchise was awarded. And it’s great to finally see the channel on air. You can find it on Sky 117 and Freeview Channel 8.

I directed and filmed the links for the launch show:

I’ve also made most of the local commercials for the channel, which cover a range of business from from a Hair Salon to a the West Yorkshire Police.

Zircon Flooring

West Yorkshire Police



CDF Furniture

AR Estate Agents

I’ve got lots more commercial production in the pipeline as well as a few programme ideas which will hopefully make it to air. It’s early days, but exciting to see the local TV beginning to take hold. And the Leeds team are clearly doing something right…

Make some noise!

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Again Pulsar Instruments asked me to their Filey HQ to film their latest industry leading product.

Although it’s a long drive out there, the scenery is really great and it’s nice to get to the seaside once in a while, even if the seagulls noise sometimes stops the filming.

After an initial meeting to discuss the brief, the filming went without a hitch. The edit brought the whole project together and the archive sequence at the beginning helped to set the overall tone.

A finger on the pulse

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Pulsar Instruments plc have been manufacturing noise measurement equipment for 45 years. They asked me to produce a brief product demo video, which would be presented by the Managing Director of the company. The product is the new Nova range, a unique modular system which uses an OLED screen.
I hired a product turntable and travelled to their HQ in Filey on the Yorkshire coast for the shoot.

The client hired a small theatre next to their offices, and when filming on the stage with the main tabs (curtains) closed it acted as a decent studio for filming. I helped coach Sarah through her presentation and offered advice on the script as we went along.

Back in the edit suite I made an animation of the Pulsar logo and cut the video. I added a few finishing touches like luma-keying the black background to pure black, and including a music track. Here you go: