A finger on the pulse

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Pulsar Instruments plc have been manufacturing noise measurement equipment for 45 years. They asked me to produce a brief product demo video, which would be presented by the Managing Director of the company. The product is the new Nova range, a unique modular system which uses an OLED screen.
I hired a product turntable and travelled to their HQ in Filey on the Yorkshire coast for the shoot.

The client hired a small theatre next to their offices, and when filming on the stage with the main tabs (curtains) closed it acted as a decent studio for filming. I helped coach Sarah through her presentation and offered advice on the script as we went along.

Back in the edit suite I made an animation of the Pulsar logo and cut the video. I added a few finishing touches like luma-keying the black background to pure black, and including a music track. Here you go:

Weedfree Winners

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Weedfree2Weedfree1Weedfree4Weedfree5After winning the Sustainable Innovation in Export Award at the Golden Bridge event, Weedfree asked us to produce a couple of films for them. The first was a video press release for social media showcasing their latest award. And secondly they take all their staff to Tenerife for a short break and wanted to show a film to inform and encourage the team in the year ahead.

We visited the Weedfree headquarters in Yorkshire to interview the bosses, as well as shoot a few additional setups near train tracks and on quad vehicles. Once back at base I rebuilt their logo in 3D to create an animated opening. Editing was pretty straightforward thanks to Final Cut X and here are the results:

Trafalgar Triumphs

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GoldenBridge2013_2I’m in London again with Howard from Red Lobster filming the ceremony for the 2013 Golden Bridge Awards. This year we we’re asked to film the event for both the British Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and the Belgian-Luxemborg Chamber of  Commerce.

This meant visiting London and Brussels to film presentations of the shortlisted companies, making two films to show at the event for the assembled dignitaries.


After filming the event on the FS100 I edited a video for each chamber, which showcased the presentations and awards from their parts of the evening. The first two thirds of the videos below are close to what was shown at the event before the awards were given.

It’s a Disaster!

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NGN called us with a last minute job.


The main road bridge into Skinningrove in North Yorkshire had collapsed during the recent flooding, and the gas main into the village has been damaged.
We arrived on scene and Howard from Red Lobster got his hack hat on, speaking with the various parties involved and outlining a schedule for the day. While I popped off to get B-Roll of the village and the coastline.



Once again the GoPro proved it’s worth here. I filmed in the river water, leaning out over the bridge and shooting into the broken gas main and filming close to the NGN team down in the roadworks.

Skinningrove_3 Skinningrove_4 Skinningrove_5 Skinningrove_1

Villagers provided us with phone footage filmed during the flooding, and I added a Google Earth flight to the finished video:

Promoting Gifts

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Today was the second day of factory tours, specifically for a printing client.


I’ve been filming the specialist processes required to print on promotional gifts, which are made from a wide range of materials and present many challenges to the printers due to the wide variations of shape and size.


I’ve filmed Pantone Selection, Ink Mixing, Silkscreening, Pad Printing, Epoxy Bonding, Laser Engraving, Embroidery, Heat Transfers, Injection Moulding, Litho and Digital Printing, Mug Screenprinting, Kiln Drying… I’m sure I’ve missed some of the list… Not forgetting an industry secret, three colour process I’m not allowed to talk about. Shhh.

laser litho rulers mugs1

Finding a Family

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I’ve spent ten days shooting and editing 11 videos for Kirklees Council. The videos feature children in foster care across the region.

The adoption agencies then use the videos to introduce the children to prospective adopters – forever families for the children.

It sound like an extravagance perhaps, but it helps get the children out of care and into stable long term families much sooner. And that saves the council a lot of money and resources.

Of course I can’t mention specific cases or show videos on here, but I will say it’s the most humbling and worthwhile work I’ve done in some time.


The Inn Crowd



In the far northern reaches of the Yorkshire Dales you’ll find Swaledale and Arkengarthdale. These were to be my filming locations for the next few days, and with beautiful sunshine every day it was a fantastic place to be.

I was making promotional videos for two local Inns, the Charles Bathurst Inn and the Punchbowl Inn.


This was another great opportunity to use my new camera the Sony FS100. I used the kit lens for general shooting, a fast 35mm for interviews, an ultra wide 11mm for the interiors and a 55mm macro for closeups. I also shot some slow-motion and time-lapse in the countryside.

Both venues have have a different story to tell, through their location, history and decor. So I tried to portray that in the videos. As a business they make great use of social media, the views on YouTube have been fantastic so far.