Whahay 4K!


I’ve taken delivery of a new JVC LS300 cinema camera.
While shooting in HD, UHD or 4k it offers the unique ability to fine tune the sensor scan to any available lens system. It uses a large native APC sensor, but the camera can adapt to other lens systems that cover less area on the sensor while still maintaining 4k resolution.

LS300 Adapters01M

The wide range of codecs on offer produce high quality chroma sampling for superb quality chroma key and colour correction capabilities.

I’ve added 3 additional high capacity batteries, a set of native Panasonic MFT 12-35 f2.8 and 35-100 f2.8 lenses offering a field of view equivalent to 24-70 and 70-200. I can still shoot on all my existing glass, but the Panasonic lenses offer image stabilisation under manual or automatic control in a very lightweight package. You can never have too many lenses I reckon.

The result so far are superb. the colour rendition is amazing and the resolution when shooting scaled down to HD is way beyond anything I’ve used before.

Life on the edge

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Recently I spent a day filming in Manchester and Sheffield for the US/UK video production company WebsEdge. Here’s the finished film:


Together with Tom on second camera we filmed at various Medical Labs and an interview in Manchester, as well as additional interviews in Sheffield. The Sony A7s matched very nicely with the JVC LS300. Both cameras filmed at 30fps for US distribution and the end results look great.