5 Star Service

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A regular client that I can’t blog about very often, is ACC – The Aged Care Channel. The work that I do for them is often confidential, and protected by their copyright. Occasionally however, they post short public excerpts of their training films, like this example on providing a 5 Star Service:


Back in May I filmed for four days in and around Aylesbury, with the lovely team from ACC. I supply my camera kit, lighting and additional sound kit. We work with a variety of freelance directors, Tony on sound and the production team from ACC HQ. Once we wrapped I returned home and started editing the film for both the UK and Australia, where the two versions have slight regional difference regarding terminology and care guidelines.

I delivered the 20 minute edit as a ProRes master and ACC UK play it into their live monthly programme, which is simulcast to their subscriber around the world via their own dedicated delivery system.