Trafalgar Triumphs

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GoldenBridge2013_2I’m in London again with Howard from Red Lobster filming the ceremony for the 2013 Golden Bridge Awards. This year we we’re asked to film the event for both the British Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and the Belgian-Luxemborg Chamber of  Commerce.

This meant visiting London and Brussels to film presentations of the shortlisted companies, making two films to show at the event for the assembled dignitaries.


After filming the event on the FS100 I edited a video for each chamber, which showcased the presentations and awards from their parts of the evening. The first two thirds of the videos below are close to what was shown at the event before the awards were given.

Keep the Faith

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The Faith Through A Lens photography competition has been running since 2010. I was approached by Congregational and General Insurance in 2011 to film the award ceremony in Bradford. The next year the awards moved to London and another video production company was used,  but I was delighted to be asked to film this years event again.


This time I was able to film the judging panel who met at Microsoft HQ a month before the ceremony. I made a short film on the history of the event as well as interviews with the esteemed panel of judges. This short was shown at the ceremony to give the people attending a feel for the event and explain the thought processes behind the judging.


I filmed the event with three cameras. A GoPro suspended in the ceiling, my FS100 and an EX1 operated by BobMcGowan. I’d worked with Bob a few times in Liverpool filming at the Essar Oil Refinery and it was great to do so again. Then after the event I produced this finished film: