Post Grad Post

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Our second job in Brussels saw us making a film for The University of Kent – Brussels School of International Studies.

The brief was to promote the school from the perspective of getting a job once a student has graduated.
This involved filming career tutors and many former students now working in Brussels.

The film is now live on the client’s website.


This was the first time I used my GoPro in a paid job.
The Wi-Fi monitoring came in really useful as I was able to place the camera above the bar before the event and start recording remotely once the venue opened it’s doors.


Please take a seat – in fact take 30,000



Today I started two days of filming with Mark at The New Media Company.

Titan Furniture are an innovative manufacturer specialising in advanced school furniture. And I was asked to film around their facilities – production in Cambridgeshire, distribution in the Midlands and administration in Devon.

Mark made great use of his GoPros, and managed to get the best out of my footage in the edit. I used the jib in the production and distribution sections, where the my camera had to get into high and difficult locations. Overall the video gives a great indication of the size of the business.

Space Cadets

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After an overnight stay in the lovely Midland Hotel in central Manchester, we started out early Wednesday morning to the Trafford Centre. I was working with VisMedia to cover a local launch event for the Lynx Space Academy, where you can win the chance to travel into space. The event was being hosted by Kimberly Wyatt, former Pussycat Doll.

Kimberly was joined by four astronauts in brilliantly detail costumes, that were by all accounts incredibly hot inside. Even with the built in air conditioning the helmets were steaming up, and the guys had to take regular breaks.

2013-02-06 08.27.39

We filmed footage alongside a photographer, stopping filming when the flashes were going off. I shot in standard and slow motion, to achieve an outer space look.

2013-02-06 09.48.25

Yours truly, Kimberley and Lee from VisMedia. Aww.

Going, Going, Go(ne)


I took delivery of a GoPro Hero3 Black today.


Initial impressions are positive, and along with a pair of spare batteries it should open up a wealth of filming opportunities. Of course it’s no replacement for a proper camera but judicial use of super-wide CCTV type images in certain productions can be really effective. The Hero3 is Wi-Fi enabled and using the GoPro app you can view and control every aspect of the GoPro via a smartphone or tablet. While there is a noticeable delay on the Wi-Fi video image it’s perfect for checking framing and battery life, as well as setting frame rates, formats and switching between the three frame sizes.


It’s getting it’s first proper out next Friday in the Midlands, that’s apart from filming the baby and the cat of course.