Sharing is Caring

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Leaving Leeds just after 4am and arriving by the Thames at Embankment at 9.02 for a 9.30am start at the headquarters of Care International. A hectic start to the day, but it turned out really well…

I was asked to shoot a series of greenscreen interviews for a TV commercial promoting
It’s a really interesting charity website where you can often get your donation money back!

I won’t explain how it works, it’s best if you have a look for yourself. Here’s the advert:

UPDATE – 20,000 views on YouTube so far!

Finding a Family

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I’ve spent ten days shooting and editing 11 videos for Kirklees Council. The videos feature children in foster care across the region.

The adoption agencies then use the videos to introduce the children to prospective adopters – forever families for the children.

It sound like an extravagance perhaps, but it helps get the children out of care and into stable long term families much sooner. And that saves the council a lot of money and resources.

Of course I can’t mention specific cases or show videos on here, but I will say it’s the most humbling and worthwhile work I’ve done in some time.