To EU, To Me


While in Brussels on other business, myself, Howard Foster and Nik Wood went to the European Parliament buildings.

We were there using the EUParl studio facilities to make pilot shows for two new programme ideas Howard has been working on.


Nik is a broadcaster maybe best known for hosting the BBCs Working Lunch as well as local and national News TV.


I’d already made VT inserts for two programmes, covering important topics surround European Law and Business. The shows were recorded and brought home for finessing and additional work. I’ve made 3D graphics and name straps for the pilots, and while I’m not a graphic designer by any stretch of the imagination they will do for now.

We’re looking for businesses or organisations to sponsor the production for further programmes in the future.

As Malcolm Harbour MEP said during one of the shows, they are a great idea and much needed.

So please contact Howard at Red Lobster if you can offer any help.