Blazing Benchmarks


It’s the first of December – the itchy moustache has come off and I decided to reposition the edit suite.

Anyway I thought it was worth running benchmarks to compare the new edit suite against Apple’s latest computers.

The new iMacs are getting early benchmark figures:
Geekbench scores of 12427
Lux Mark scores of 265
and Heaven 3 frame rates around 30fps

My edit suite has much higher scores:

benchmark3 benchmark4



So a Geekbench score of 14049. That faster than the hugely expensive midrange MacPro.

A LuxMark score of 2007 is massive! Virtually impossible on any other Mac, as I’m running a GFX670 2GB card which can’t ordinarily be used in a Mac.

Lastly a nippy Heaven fps of 73, so no slouch there either.

Combined with a super fast, dual 6gbps internal RAID array which delivers over 200MB/s, this edit suite is a true powerhouse. Final Cut Pro rendering and encoding is much faster than on my older machine. And of course the super duper graphics card renders 3D in no time.






December 4th update:

I got BT XDSL installed today… It’s cheaper than my old 2mbps ADSL and it is fast. Very Fast.