It’s a Disaster!

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NGN called us with a last minute job.


The main road bridge into Skinningrove in North Yorkshire had collapsed during the recent flooding, and the gas main into the village has been damaged.
We arrived on scene and Howard from Red Lobster got his hack hat on, speaking with the various parties involved and outlining a schedule for the day. While I popped off to get B-Roll of the village and the coastline.



Once again the GoPro proved it’s worth here. I filmed in the river water, leaning out over the bridge and shooting into the broken gas main and filming close to the NGN team down in the roadworks.

Skinningrove_3 Skinningrove_4 Skinningrove_5 Skinningrove_1

Villagers provided us with phone footage filmed during the flooding, and I added a Google Earth flight to the finished video: