York Work

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Steve PoppleAntique Restoration is a well established and respected business in the city of York.

Recently the team have learned new skills to help create bespoke furniture for their new venture – Man of Art.

After a days shooting at the York workshop earlier in the year, today I returned for a morning of additional filming.


After completing the first draft of both films, we knew that we should wait until they had built a new showroom and tidied up their stores then return to film at the new locations. The first shoot was on a snowy day, fortunately the workshop is heated! So returning in June was a very different experience, anyway the additional half day provided all the footage we needed.

Man Of Art Grinding

Antique Restoration Team

I also suggested that I could create a longer, looping video that could play in the workshop window to encourage passing trade. This loop video plays from a tiny media player and looks great in HD on a large flatscreen TV.

I’m really happy with the finished videos, written, directed, shot and edited by yours truly: