I’m a Wanderer

A new client – TheBusinessDesk.com asked me along to their ‘Go For It – Exporting for Beginners’ seminar in the amazing Lion of Vienna suite at the Reebok Stadium in Bolton. Leaving Leeds at 4.30am for a 6am get-in seemed like a distant memory by the time the bacon butties and milk came round at 7.30am.

After shooting some timelapse of the sun rising into the stadium, which worked out OK-ish, I filmed the event from every angle and then shot three interviews against a bright window. As this was the only location available to us, I shot the footage with the maximum latitude to enable selective colour correction in Final Cut Pro to bring the foreground out from the shadows.

Nice Assets

Appeal PR asked me to film the ‘Asset Based Lending Charity Dinner’ at the Queen’s Hotel in Leeds tonight.

The swanky event was hosted by the legendary Harry Gration from the BBC and raised £15,000 for the Leeds Children’s Hospital Appeal. The shoot was challenging with very low lighting levels and a huge crowd, not to mention an abscess in my jaw.

The glamour of the TV industry eh?

Gift of the Gab

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ideasbynet1Ideasbynet wanted to redesign their website to include demo videos for 37 of their best selling products.

So over the course of two days I filmed Carla doing her very best QVC style presentation. I used two camera to save time, and synced them up in post production. I also created opening and closing graphic stings with sound effects.


The videos are all live on the website, but here’s an example:


Book ’em Danno


ideasbynet2The guys at Ideasbynet.com created a cool scrapbook,
which together with a variety of props and practicals was brought to life for this fun video.
In the end it took eight of us, and a morning of rehearsal to get the final take.

I found some suitable music tracks, sound effects and light leak flashes then produced the final video in 1080p High Definition.

Over 2000 views and counting…


Leeds Local Television

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This morning I launched a new website:
LeedsLocalTelevision.co.uk is a domain I’ve bought recently to help local businesses find me.

I’ve added basic information about scripts and filming techniques, so visitors have a better understanding about what I offer and what to expect from any video production.